7 Websites To Help You Find a Job in Tech

You’re ready to start your job search. You’ve done all of your necessary learning, certification-course-taking, and resume updating.

Here are some of the most prevalent websites today that will help you find a job you love.

  1. Angel List

AngelList not only hosts a ton of technology jobs like software, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency – jobs posted there are available in tons of locations worldwide and of all levels from entry-level to c-suite.

Right now, there are 24,346 startups currently hiring through AngelList.

Take advantage of the filtering functionality, and be sure to save it and have daily emails sent to you with the most recent jobs which were posted and fit your filters.

Their secret sauce – hiring for early-stage startups.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

By signing up for a LinkedIn profile, you’re hooked into their network. It’s okay if you don’t have any professional experience to add yet or that you’re not proud of them because they don’t align with your future goals. Filling out your profile in a professional and positive manner is the foundational elements to getting closer to the job of your dreams.

Their secret sauce: Wildly robust information due to integrations with your profile’s information, other people’s profiles and information – like how you may stack-up against other candidates, and the company’s information.

Some other benefits of LinkedIn Premium account that we love.

You have access to data regarding their company’s employee growth over the years. Positive growth is a good sign.

You can see an estimated salary compensation. Obviously, this isn’t always accurate and you shouldn’t rely too heavily on it, but it’s a nice-to-have for the curious.

If there are enough job applicants, you can see how you stack up against other job applicants. For this Amazon Alexa program ManAger job, I’m currently in the 10% of applicants based on my LinkedIn profile. Hence the importance of your profile and the information on there. In this case, the skills you’ve added as well as the skills others have endorsed you for are what it’s pulling from.

Bonus tip on using LinkedIn, some time ago they purchased an online learning platform – Lynda. With the purchase of this platform, they also acquired all of the fantastic educational videos and resources that were available. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free LinkedIn premium account for a month to start taking the courses they offer. A note of caution, if you don’t have or want to fork over $30 for a monthly subscription to a premium account, make sure you set a reminder on your phone or computer calendar to cancel your account before the month is up.


3. Glassdoor

There’s a lot to love about Glassdoor including it’s a great place to read company reviews as there’s a rating feature as well as pro and con reviews from people who have worked there. You can use their “Know Your Worth” tool to see what you can expect to get paid. Most of all, for the purposes of this article, the robustness of the jobs available.

Glassdoor is considered one of the industry leaders and first spots that companies head to when looking to hire someone.

Their secret sauce – they have more tools to help you find a job you love than just job postings. Take advantage of their other tools.

4. Indeed

Over 10,000,000 have been shared on their website, so when they say search from millions of jobs – they aren’t kidding. Obviously, not all of them are in the technology-related field, but recruiters do find there way there.

Their secret sauce – they have more than just tech jobs.

5. RemoteOK.IO

Remote OK is a website based on the premise of helping people find remote work and helping companies find remote workers.

Just how many opportunities are there where you can work remote? A lot. And with companies like Remote Year, Roam CoLiving/Coworking, and Unsettled emerging every day, the remote work opportunities are simply going to continue to expand.

Their secret sauce – they focus just on remote workers.

6. The Ladders

The Ladders started out many years ago as a business focused on job postings with salaries over $100,000, they’ve held true to their mission years later.

This website might be more tailored to the people who have already selected a career path and have some experience.

Their secret sauce – they’re focused on $100,000 and up paying jobs, along with people who are already somewhat experienced in their career.

One thing we do love is how in their website footer (the part all the way to the bottom), you can select jobs based on companies, industries, cities, and job roles. They lay it out which is great for some direction if you’re not sure where to start.

7. The website of the business you love.

Did you find the perfect mixture of your passion for painting housing intersecting with tech in PaintZen? Then look at their careers page. What about transitioning to a tech-based real estate software like Redfin or Zillow? Check out their websites too.

If you find a job you love, follow this blog post to stand out, enhance your chances of getting an interview which secures the job role. Just swap out the name “HubSpot” and place in your company’s name – How to get hired at HubSpot.

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