Want to land your dream job? Then you need these soft skills.

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article about how to land a dream job that’s out of your league. In the article, we shared several under-discussed tactics that help you stand out from the other candidates. Many of what we shared, like following your potential teammates on LinkedIn or Twitter, don’t require more experience from you but instead are related to your soft skills.

Recently, LinkedIn came out with an article which shared their research into the future of work. It turns out; soft skills will be more critical than ever.

Here are the top most sought-after soft skills from today’s employers:

It’s not just getting the job done; it’s how you get the job done that matters. Are you kind, respectful and helpful to others? Do you help elevate the quality of the team around you with your hard and soft skills? How does the team improve with having you around? These have always been important, but as more work becomes collaborative, related to critical thinking and creativity skills, these will only grow in their relevance.

How have you seen or experienced soft skills improving the workplace?

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